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Business Systems Development with SSADM. Complete CD-ROM.
OGC. 2001.
Business Systems Development (BSD) from OGC is a powerful analysis and design technique which provides IT professionals with a tool for investigating, modelling and specifying Information Systems. This new edition of BSD provides the content of SSADM 4+ but is now restructured into separate BSD components, plus the SSADM Foundation for those who wish to make use of the full integrated method. BSD is now available on CD-ROM which enables you not only to dip into the text of the book through the standard view, but also get straight to the topic you need by using the advanced search capabilities. The CD-ROM also features the SSADM Systems Development Template, which divides the development process into a number of distinct areas of concern. Through the CD-ROM these areas can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks within this view. 

A demo version of BSD on CD-ROM has been created so you can see for yourself the benefits and contents of the new edition of BSD and also trial the functionality of the CD-ROM. You can try all of the different views and see how the data is cross-referenced, see examples of the hyperlinks and also the glossary pop-ups. This demo contains three full chapters - chapters 1 and 2 of SSADM and chapter 1 of the components. The System Development Template has also been included. 
CD-ROM demo:
CD-ROM: ISBN 0 11 330884 1  $270.00   

Business Systems Development with SSADM series.  7 Title Boxed Set.
OGC. 2000.
This boxed set includes the following seven SSADM titles (each available for purchase separately).  
ISBN 0 11 330883 3  $270.00 


Behaviour and Process Modelling.
OGC. 2000.
This volume covers the development of Entity Behaviour Models - Entity Access Matrix, Event and Enquiry Catalogue and Entity Life Histories - which are used to document the events that can cause the system to undertake processing and the way in which this affects the data. It then goes on to show how Conceptual Process Models - Enquiry Access Paths and Effect Correspondence Diagrams - are developed. These document the processing requirements for the new system and are used as the basis for program design. Both of these models are seen as fundamental to the design of computer systems.
ISBN 0 11 330874 4  $50.00 


The Business Context.
OGC. 2000.
This volume is concerned with the modelling of the business activities within an IT project from which an understanding of the requirements for the new system is derived. Two basic techniques are covered: Business Activity Modelling which documents the business activities that need to be undertaken together with the business events that trigger the activities; and Requirements Definitions which is concerned with documenting the requirements for the new system. Both of these activities are regarded as essential for the good development of a new computer system.
ISBN 0 11 330872 8  $50.00


Database and Physical Process Design.
OGC. 2000.
This volume demonstrates the techniques that can be used to specify the physical data and processes for a new computer system using the language and features of the chosen physical environment. Covered are techniques used to develop the Database Design for a new system and also, if required, the Physical Process Specifications. Following the application of these techniques no further specification or design activity should be necessary.
ISBN 0 11 330876 0  $50.00 


Data Modelling.
OGC. 2000.
Data Modelling is regarded as fundamental to the definition of any new computer system. In this volume (which is part of the Business Systems Development series) we show how to develop Logical Data Models that represent the organization of the data for the new system and for any existing system. Also included is Relational Data Analysis which is a major technique that can be used to check that the Logical Data Model does indeed represent the requirements of the users.
ISBN 0 11 330871 X  $50.00 


Function Modelling.
OGC. 2000.
This volume is concerned with the analysis and definition of the processing requirements for a new computer system. It covers Data Flow Modelling, which is used to show how the data flows around the system and provides basic description of the processing the system will undertake, and Function Definition which shows how the processes will be organized together.
ISBN 0 11 330875 2  $50.00


SSADM Foundation.
OGC. 2000.
This volume shows how all the products and techniques of a computer development project can be brought together within a complete method (SSADM). It contains sections on the individual products and techniques of SSADM and then goes on to show how they interrelate with each other. It also includes details on the managing of SSADM projects and how to customize the SSADM method and provides a product breakdown structure and a structural model both of which can be used as the basis for planning a computer development project.
ISBN 0 11 330870 1  $50.00


User Centred Design.
OGC. 2000.
This volume covers the design of the computer system from the user's perspective. It covers techniques that are used to gather details on the way the user's of the new system are organized and view the system to be developed - Work Practice Modelling, Function Definition and User Object Modelling. It then goes on to show how these models can be used to develop the user interface for the new system User Interface Design. Also included are details of how Prototyping can be used to aid with the system development.
ISBN 0 11 330873 6  $50.00

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