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The Basics:  

  • We do not have an order form, although proformas can be made upon request.

  • We require prepayment from all booksellers, as well as a hard copy of the order.  
    Send through email or fax.

  • Hospitals, libraries, and government institutions may be invoiced.  

  • There are no returns on correctly supplied books.  

  • We do not sell books on approval.  

  • We do not give out "display" or "review" copies unless instructed to do so by the publisher.  

  • There are no discounts, even to booksellers.  These are imports and our prices are competitive with European prices.


  • We accept US$ and British Pound Sterling checks and credit cards (Visa/Mastercard).

  • Checks should be made payable to Balogh International, Inc. 

  • Invoicing can be arranged for customers in good standing or for institutions.  
    Payments should be sent upon receipt of your order.  Any delay in payment will result in future proforma invoices.

  • Foreign payments:  please make sure your check is in US$ and payable on a USA bank or the equivalent in British Pound Sterling. 

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