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Now available! Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors 2007. print: ISBN: 0 85369 719 1 $75; CDROM+ Print ISBN: 0 85369 721 3. $115.00; single user CDROM ISBN: 0 85369 720 5. $75.00

Rote Liste 2003.
Drug Compendium for Germany.
Edited by Rote Liste Service. 2002.
The most comprehensive and independent directory of drugs available in Germany (for over 50 years by ECV), the ROTE LISTE enables the user to compare the drugs from pharmaceutical-therapeutic view, as well as regarding formulation, package size and price. The compendium is arranged by areas of therapy and substance classes. The drugs having marketing authorization in Germany and EU-wide are summarized in 88 major groups, It is complete, continuously updated and has concise information about pharmaceutical and pharmacological-therapeutic properties. These informative details make ROTE LISTE a standard reference of unchanged value for the prescribing physician and for pharmacists. Plastic jacket, 1968 pp.
Print: ISBN 3 87193 268 X  $86.00
Single User CD-ROM: $86.00
Initial edition (subscription): $56.00

Stability Testing in the EC, Japan and the USA.
Edited by Wolfgang Grimm and Kurt Krummen, Wissenschaftliche Verlag GmbH. 1993.
Paperback, 272 pp., 84 figs., 92 tables.
ISBN 3 8047 1215 0  $118.00

Stockley's Drug Interactions. 7th edition.
Ivan H. Stockley. October 2005.
Stockley's Drug Interactions, produced within the Martindale Editorial Team under Karen Baxter, remains the world's most comprehensive and authoritative reference book on drug interactions.

Print: ISBN 
0 85369 624 1  $240.00
Single User CD-ROM:  ISBN
0 85369 660 8   $240.00
Print & CD-ROM Combo: ISBN 0 85369 664 0  $360.00

UV and IR Spectra of Some Important Drugs.
H.W. Dibbern, R.M Muller, & E. Wirbitzki. 2002.
This English language collection contains the PDF files for 1,552 UV and IR spectra of important pharmaceutical agents and 121 IR spectra of pharmaceutical and cosmetic excipients. The CD-ROM offers one electronic "page" for each substance. The pages presenting the agents contain, besides the spectra, the structural formula, a table with characteristic UV absorption data and some information on the therapeutic use. For excipients, a list which is arranged alphabetically and by substance name is available to the user; in addition, the user can select a page via an index of therapeutic uses or a specfinder list. The substance pages can be selected via an alphabetical list like with the excipients. This collection of spectra is available in English. User information may be retrieved bilingually (English and German). CD-ROM.
ISBN 3 87193 238 8  $532.00


Vademecum for Vitamin Formulations. 2nd Edition.
Volker Bühler. 2001.
How do you formulate a vitamin product? Even today there is still a gap in knowledge of the pharmaceutical technology of vitamins. Here is the book to fill the gap! The author is an experienced practitioner sharing his own experience combined with a large number of publications. The emphasis is on practical aspects. The reader has easy access to a wealth of information because of the alphabetical format. Many specific formulations are given. Vitamins and excipients with their influence on the bioavailability of vitamins and stability of vitamin preparations are discussed in detail. In this second, revised edition several new formulations and a large chapter on multivitamin solutions were added. Thus the reader gets the most topical knowledge on the pharmaceutical technology of vitamins. The enclosed CD-ROM offers optimal access to all specific formulations and cross linked information on excipients in conjunction with vitamins. Paperback, 144 pp., 149 figs., 119 tables.
ISBN 3 8047 1834 5  $80.00

WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical preparations 34th report.
Technical report series World Health Organization 863 0512-3054.

WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations. 1996.
Includes: Annex 5: Guidelines for stability testing of pharm. products; Annex 6, 7, 8: Good manufacturing practice; Annex 9: Multisource (generic) pharm. products; Appendix 1: In vivo equivalence studies for drugs of the WHO Model list of essential drugs. Paperback. vi + 194 pp.
ISBN 9241208635  $44.00

WHO Model Formulary 2002.
WHO. 2002.
The WHO Model Formulary presents formulary information on over 300 medicines included on the WHO Model List of Essential Drugs, as a reference for national and institutional drugs and therapeutic committees.
It is intended to be a useful resource for countries wishing to develop their own national formulary. The formulary is also a valuable source of independent and unbiased information for students and prescribers who are interested in focusing their prescribing on those medicines which are globally recognized as essential. This pocket-sized book contains 27 sections covering anaesthetics, analgesics, antiallergics, antidotes, anticonvulsants, anti-infective drugs, antimigraine drugs, antineoplastic and immunosuppressives drugs and drugs used in palliative care, antiparkinson drugs, drugs affecting the blood, blood products and plasma substitutes, cardiovascular drugs, dermatological drugs, diagnostics, disinfectants and antiseptics, diuretics, gastrointestinal drugs, hormones and contraceptives, immunologicals, muscle relaxants and cholinesterase inhibitors, ophthalmological preparations, drugs used in obstetrics, peritoneal dialysis solution, psychotherapeutic drugs, drugs acting on the respiratory tract, solutions correcting water, electrolyte and acid-base disturbances, vitamins and minerals. The four successive annexes include information on drug interactions, pregnancy, breast-feeding, renal and liver impairments. A CD-ROM, specifically intended as a working tool for developing national and/or hospital formularies, is also available. 500 pp.
ISBN 9241545593  $50.00

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