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The Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry in the New Millennium.
Society of Japanese Pharmacopoeia. 2001.
This book presents an analysis of the current trends and problems in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, and attempts to find the key to future trends that will enhance the industry. With Japan being the world's second largest drugs market, the pharmaceutical industry is a key sector of the economy. The sector is, unlike the rest of the world, dominated by local companies, and the impact of major Western pharmaceutical companies has until recently been limited by the peculiar history and nature of Japanese medicine. Yet the globalization of business is now affecting this sector, and the domestic companies are changing rapidly in order to compete more effectively, both at home and abroad, and to develop new medicines. Paperback, v + 167 pp.
ISBN 4 84080 640 3  $180.00

Laboratory Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
E. Van Dyck, A.Z. Meheus & P. Piot. Published by WHO. 1999.

This manual provides an authoritative guide to standard laboratory procedures for detecting and diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases. Aimed at clinical microbiologists and medical technologists, the manual is designed to serve as a practical bench aid, tuned to the needs and capacities of laboratories at different levels in the health system. Practical guidance is provided in three annexes, which summarize appropriate diagnostic tests at different levels of the laboratory system, describe the media, reagents, and stains required for the tests and list all the basic products needed to prepare essential reagents and media. It includes recommended procedures, tests, and techniques are supported by close to 150 references. Although the major emphasis is on procedures for diagnosis, case-finding, and test-of-cure, some procedures useful in epidemiological research are also included. The nine chapters cover the full range of sexually transmitted diseases. All relevant laboratory methods are described in detail, with color plates used to illustrate selected procedures and results. Paperback.
ISBN 9241545011  $44.00 


MEDIC - Medical Dictionary.
Georg Balg, Marie-Christine Balg-Alengrin and Dieter Werner Unseld. 1999.
ISBN 3 88763 072 6  $70.00 


Medeor Manual.
Johannes Bircher. 1999.
Contents: Approach to the Patient: General principles of diagnosis • General principles of treatment • Pain • Trauma and wounds • Diseases of different systems: Nervous system • Respiratory system • Cardiovascular system • Gastrointestinal system • Urogenital system • Hematological system • Musculosceletal system • Skin • Senses • Metabolic system • Infectious diseases: System infections • Helmintic diseases • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) • Description of drugs • Possible use of drugs in different conditions • List of drugs • Glossary. 136 pp.
ISBN 3 88763 074 2  $20.00

Medicines Compendium 2003.
Medicines Compendium has been published for over twenty years as the ABPI Compendium of Data Sheets and Summaries of Product Characteristics. The new Medicines Compendium contains thousands of Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs) which describe a medicine including its properties, effects and warnings. SPCs are written to guide healthcare professionals in the safe and appropriate use of medicines. To avoid potentially life-threatening errors and to support good clinical governance, it is vitally important for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals to have up-to-date medicines information at their disposal. Every year there are an estimated 12,000 changes to UK medicines information contained within the SPCs. The Medicines Compendium contains this information from over one hundred manufacturers covering thousands of medicines. Since the 2002 edition, there have been 666 additions, 883 updated documents and 512 deletions. It encompasses the SPCs of both prescription only and pharmacy medicines. The information includes: Indications • Contra-indications • Dosage • Use during Pregnancy • Adverse Drug Reactions. The source of this information is approved by the Department of Health's Medicines Control Agency (MCA) or equivalent European Medicines Evaluation Agency. Hardback, 2376 pp.
Print:  ISBN 0 90710 220 4  $149.95
Book and CD-ROM combo:  ISBN 0 00050 257 X  $399.95

Medicines ManagementMedicines Management. 1st edition.
Edited by Rhona Panton & Stephen Chapman. 1998.
How can we make the best use of the money we spend on medicines? With rising costs, increased patient expectations, and the constant supply of new drugs, managing a medicine budget is an ever-more complicated task. This book from the Department of Medicines Management at Keele University contains all the key aspects of medicine management, written in an accessible and concise style. Most importantly, it gives advice on all the issues to be considered in making purchasing decisions that are fair, justifiable and can be shared with patients. Contents: 1. That's My Medicine: Medicines Management for Consumers and Citizens • 2. The Ethics of Prescribing • 3. A Primary Care Perspective on Medicines Management • 4. Rising Expenditure on Medicines-reasons and Responses • 5. Gathering and Weighing the Evidence • 6. Issues and Directions in Prescribing Analysis • 7. Health Economic and Public Health Aspects of Drug Usage • 8. National Structures to Facilitate Good Medicines Management • 9. Getting Research Into Practice • 10. Educational Outreach • 11. Systems for Controlling Prescribing • 12. An Action Plan for Medicines Management • Index. Paperback, 210 pp.
ISBN 0 7279 1274 7  $39.95

Medizinproduktegesetz (Mpg) / Law on Medical Devices. Council Directive Χ Ordinances. 3rd Edition.
Edited by A. Sander. 1999.
In both German and English. Presentation of the major contents of Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices, pertinent ordinances and the Law on Medical Devices (German/English). As of 6 August 1998. Paperback, 344 pp.
ISBN 3 87193 271 X  $98.00 

Minor Illness or Major Disease? Responding to Symptoms in the Pharmacy. 3rd edition.
Edited by Clive Edwards & Paul Stillman. 2000.
The evaluation of symptoms and the recommendation of appropriate treatment are important parts of every community pharmacist's daily activities. Minor Illness or Major Disease?, written by a pharmacist and a medical general practitioner, describes a rational approach to questioning patients to establish whether the symptoms they present are minor and therefore can be dealt with by the pharmacist, or indicate possible clinical pathology requiring referral to a medical practitioner. This third edition has been completely revised and updated to reflect recent changes in therapeutics and practice. Sixty color photographs have been included throughout the book to assist with the recognition of common medical complaints. At the end of each chapter, hypothetical case studies have been included to illustrate the role of the pharmacist in evaluating the symptoms of minor illnesses and recommending an appropriate course of action. Contents: 1. Introduction • 2. Headache • 3. Cough • 4. Sore Throats and Colds • 5. Eye Disorders • 6. Constipation • 7. Diarrhea • 8. Abdominal Disorders • 9. Perianal and Perivulval Pruritus • 10. Ear Disorders • 11. Musculoskeletal Disorders • 12. Skin Disorders: Face and Scalp • 13. Skin Disorders • Trunk and Limbs • 14. Childhood Ailments • 15. Foot Disorders • 16. Oral and Dental Disorders. Paperback, 224 pp.
ISBN 0 85369 447 8  $34.95

Narcotic Drugs.
Estimated World Requirements for 2001 - Statistics for 1999.
United Nations International Narcotics Control Board. 2001.
This detailed tri-lingual report (English, French and Spanish) from the United Nations gives a range of statistical information on narcotic drugs throughout the world. The publication includes general information, the status of adherence to international conventions on narcotic drugs, statistical information on narcotic drugs and a comparative statement of estimates and statistics. Paperback, v + 266 pp.
ISBN 9210480724  $66.00

New Medicines.
The Practice of Medicine and Public Policy.
Sir Richard Sykes. 2000.
A strategic view of how innovation in the development of medicines will impact on the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare during the next two decades. A view from a leading authority in the field of pharmaceuticals addressing issues that will affect the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges governments will face in addressing the delivery of care that medical developments will bring. Key Features: A unique study prepared in conjunction with Nuffield Trust • Addresses issues associated with the practice of medicine and future developments • The impact of developments in science and technology on new medicines • A fresh look at the future demand for medicines • Proposes new approaches to the financing of medicines • Addresses issues on a global scale. The issues raised in this publication will set the agenda for the future development of policy and practice for both the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare provider. A seminal work written by the head of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Paper cased, 220 pp. 
ISBN 011702676X  $34.00 

Pharmaceutical Dictionary: German - English - French - Espanυl. 4th Edition
A. Maas & J. Brawley. 2002.
This practice-orientated dictionary, in its 4th revised and supplemented edition, now includes Spanish terms, with more than 6000 entries. This specialized dictionary is a practical help for the pharmaceutical industry and their suppliers, public administration, academia, translation agencies and many more. Entries concern the production, quality control and assurance, marketing authorization etc. The CD-ROM is compatible with Win 3.00/95/98/2000/NT. Ram min. of 8 MB. CD-ROM edition is useful as a simple, quick search method.
Print: ISBN 3 87193 253 1  $101.00
CD-ROM: ISBN 3 87193 258 2  $110.00
Print & CD-ROM combo: ISBN 3 87193 259 0  $175.00

Pharmacology of Cerebral Ischemia 2000.
Josef Krieglstein. 2001.
The contributions presented by the leaders in the field are compiled in this volume, and the most exciting developments are highlighted. 500 pp., 160 figs., 20 tables.
ISBN 3 88763 087 4  $178.00

Psychoactive Drugs: The Street Pharmacopoeia. 
A guide listing and cross-referencing nomenclature for psychotropic substances.
Alasdair Forsyth. 2000.   
This book lists not only generic drug names but also common names, brand names, pharmacological names, slang names, archaic names and names of botanical drug sources. The list also names products which may have been used as drugs in the past, but have been withdrawn. All drug names are provided in a concise form suitable for use in the field. It is hoped that this list will be of use to both individuals and agencies across the spectrum of drug work. Such use may vary from assisting researchers in drug classification to helping the medical practitioner quickly to identify any substance from an unfamiliar 'street name'. Contains details of all substances that may have a potential for illicit use, and identifies any substance from its street name.  Some additional information about each drug is also provided, including uses, legal status, and incidence of use in some recent research studies. The existing literature provides inadequate coverage of the names and varieties of drugs used non-medically. Nothing similar yet exists, only publications with partial information may be found. The information is contained in a quickly and accessible format. Essential for doctors, police, funded drug groups, social workers, counselors, probation officers, health educators. Paperback, 192 pp.
ISBN 0117024759  $40.00

Psychotropic Substances Statistics for 2000 Assessments of Annual Medical & Scientific Requirements for Substances in Schedules II, III, & IV.
United Nations International Narcotics Control Board. 2002.
This publication details and reviews statistics of psychotropic substances, which are mood-altering drugs including antidepressants and tranquilizers. Dosages, consumption, requirements and national legislation are also looked at for specific drugs and countries. Compiled by the International Narcotics Control Board from governments around the world, this tri-lingual statistical report in English, French and Spanish. Accompanying tables and commentary make it easy to understand the data and to compare and contrast figures. Paperback, viii + 292 pp.
ISBN 9210480767  $74.00


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