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Neck Book. This booklet is intended as a guide for patients and the advice it contains is based on the latest research. It should be suitable for anyone with neck pain, and doctors or therapists may give it to their patients to help with early management. To be sure it contains all the latest thinking on neck pain, it has been written by a team of experts: Orthopaedics, Prof Gordon Waddell, Glasgow. Physical therapy, Prof Jennifer Klaber Moffett, Hull. Ergonomics, Prof Kim Burton, Huddersfield. Dr Jane Derebery (Occupational Physician: San Antonio, Texas) contributed to the American Edition.  011703326X. $33.00

Key Health Statistics from General Practice 1998.
Series MB6 No 2.
Office for National Statistics. 2000.
Analysis of morbidity and treatment of data, including time trends, in England and Wales. Statistics from general practice provide a powerful source of information about public health issues, including disease prevalence and the demand for health care. The report is the third in a series of morbidity and treatment data derived from the General Practice Research Database. The database holds anonymous patient-based clinical records submitted regularly by general practices. Data from 211 practices and 1.4 million patients are analyzed here, representing 2.6 per cent of the population of England and Wales. Key Features: This report contains data not available elsewhere in such a comprehensive form. It should therefore, be invaluable to those involved in service planning, assessing health needs and other public health research; The report extends the analyses previously published through presenting longer time trends, a wider range of disease management issues, and variations in morbidity and treatment by deprivation category. Paperback, 184 pp.
ISBN 1857744020  $60.00

Laboratory Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

E. Van Dyck, A.Z. Meheus & P. Piot. Published by WHO. 1999.

This manual provides an authoritative guide to standard laboratory procedures for detecting and diagnosing sexually transmitted diseases. Aimed at clinical microbiologists and medical technologists, the manual is designed to serve as a practical bench aid, tuned to the needs and capacities of laboratories at different levels in the health system. Practical guidance is provided in three annexes, which summarize appropriate diagnostic tests at different levels of the laboratory system, describe the media, reagents, and stains required for the tests and list all the basic products needed to prepare essential reagents and media. It includes recommended procedures, tests, and techniques are supported by close to 150 references. Although the major emphasis is on procedures for diagnosis, case-finding, and test-of-cure, some procedures useful in epidemiological research are also included. The nine chapters cover the full range of sexually transmitted diseases. All relevant laboratory methods are described in detail, with color plates used to illustrate selected procedures and results. Paperback.
ISBN 9241545011  $44.00 

Learning from Bristol.
The Report of the Public Inquiry into Children’s Heart Surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary 1984-1995.
Chaired by Ian Kennedy. 2001.
The Inquiry was set up in 1998 with a number of objectives: “To inquire into the management of the care of children receiving complex cardiac surgical services at the Bristol Royal Infirmary between 1984 and 1995 and relevant related issues; to make findings as to the adequacy of the services provided; to establish what action was taken both within and outside the hospital to deal with concerns raised about the surgery and to identify any failure to take appropriate action promptly; to reach conclusions from these events and to make recommendations which could help to secure high quality care across the NHS.” The Inquiry finds a pediatric open-heart service with high aspirations (including at one stage the ambition to become a centre for heart transplantation) overreaching itself, given its limitations, and failing to keep up with the rapid developments elsewhere in pediatric cardiac surgical care (PCS) during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It reports a mortality rate up to double that elsewhere at certain periods, with some 30-35 deaths more than would have been expected. Individual failings, poor teamwork and communication locally, coupled with general failings in the NHS, combined to create an unsafe environment for PCS in Bristol. The Inquiry makes some 200 recommendations, designed to advance the central notion of a patient-centered healthcare service committed to continuous improvement. The need for a change in the culture of the NHS is of prime concern. The recommendations cover: Needs of very sick children • Safety • Competence of healthcare professionals • Organization within hospitals • Standards of care • Openness • Monitoring of clinicians. The Inquiry recommends the development of national standards for all aspects of the care and treatment of children with congenital heart disease (CHD).  
ISBN 0101520727  $64.00 


Legal Status of Traditional Medicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine.
A Worldwide Review.
WHO.  March 2002.
Various types of traditional medicine and other medical practices referred to as complementary or alternative medicine are increasingly used in both developing and developed countries, and the regulatory frameworks established vary considerably. This publication reviews information on their legal status in 123 countries, and is intended to facilitate the development of legal frameworks and sharing of experience between countries. The review will be useful not only to policy makers, but also to researchers, universities, the public, insurance companies and pharmaceutical industries. Paperback, ix + 189 pp.
ISBN 9241545488  $108.00

Management and Control of Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers.
B. Bannister. 1997.
Dated December 1996 - eg. Lassa fever, Ebola or Marburg disease. Paperback, xii + 65 pp.
ISBN 0113218605  $22.00

Management of Severe Malaria.
A Practical Handbook.

WHO. 2000.
Malaria continues to be a major health problem in many parts of the world, with over 2000 million people in some 100 countries at risk of infection. Delay in treating P, falciparum - the species of parasite that can cause severe forms of the disease - may result in rapid deterioration in the patient's condition, together with the development of a number of life threatening complications. This handbook is an updated edition providing new and revised practical guidance on the diagnosis and management of severe falciparum malaria. Intended for clinical professionals and other responsible health staff working in hospitals and health centers with inpatient facilities in malaria-endemic countries, it is also for practical use to physicians in non-endemic areas, who are increasingly having to deal with patients infected during visits to malarious areas. This handbook outlines the general nursing care and considers the possible complications including coma, convulsions, severe anemia etc. Paperback.
ISBN 9241545232  $20.00

Marine Medical Guide 1999/2000. 3rd edition.
Robert S. Richards & Matthew L. Peers, PharmaSea (Australia) Pty. Ltd. 2000.
Formerly the Marine Drug Guide, this expanded edition is primarily an alphabetical list of descriptions of drugs written in simple English. Other sections include descriptions of travel diseases with symptoms and treatment;, a poisons antidote chart; and a quick reference condition-medication-brand name chart. The guide is designed to be complementary to the UK Ships Masters Medical Guide and the WHO International Ship Master Medical Guide. 424 pp.
ISBN 0646358618  $60.00

MCA Ship Captain's Medical Guide.
  see Ship Captain's Medical Guide

Mediating Medical Negligence Claims
An Option for the Future?
Linda Mulcahy. 2000.
The findings of an evaluation of the National Health Service (NHS) mediation pilot scheme, set up in response to criticisms of current methods for handling medical negligence claims. Paperback, xviii + 126 pp.
ISBN 0113222688  $35.00


Medical Research at the Office for National Statistics: A Review.
Studies on Medical and Population Subjects No 65 (SMPS 65).
Edited by Dr. Morris Greenberg & Professor Michel P. Coleman, National Statistics. 2000.
This review presents a brief account of more than 450 medical research projects and programs that have been assisted by the Office for National Statistics (and its predecessors) up to June 1996. The purpose of the review is to provide an public account of a well established research service and to draw the attention of the research community to a facility with increasingly wide potential for clinical, epidemiological and public health research. A brief, structured summary of each study is provided as an annex. Paperback, vi + 126 pp.
ISBN 0116213906  $65.00

The Mental Health Act Explained.
The Point of Law series.
Bridget Dolan & Debra Powell. 2000.
Over 20,000 psychiatric patients each year are compulsorily detained under the statutory provisions of the Mental Health Act. The Act outlines those disorders of mind for which detention is permitted and sets out the nature and the extent of the powers of hospital authorities to detain a person for assessment and treatment of those disorders. It also makes provisions for guardianship, discharge and aftercare of patients and sets out arrangements for the management of a patients property and affairs. The Point of Law series is the only set of publications which provides the full text of each Act, accompanied by a section by section explanation in plain English. Each guide in the series is fully up-to-date and enables both the professional and lay reader to gain a better understanding of the law. Contains the full text of each section of the Act with a section by section explanation in plain English, a brief account of the background to the Act along with an analysis of the key issues and procedures which the Act will introduce. Paperback, 250 pp.
ISBN 0117023450  $50.00

Mortality Statistics
Review of the Registrar General on Deaths by Cause, Sex and Age, in England and Wales, 1998.
Series DH2: 25.
Office for National Statistics. 1999.
Paperback, xxxii + 250pp.
ISBN 0116212578  $70.00

Narcotic Drugs.
Estimated World Requirements for 2001 - Statistics for 1999.
United Nations INCB. 2001.
This detailed tri-lingual report in English, French and Spanish from the United Nations gives a range of statistical information on narcotic drugs throughout the world. The publication includes general information, the status of adherence to international conventions on narcotic drugs, statistical information on narcotic drugs and a comparative statement of estimates and statistics. Paperback, v +266 pp.
ISBN 9210480724  $66.00

National Diet and Nutrition Survey.
Office for National Statistics. 2000.
 Volume 1: Report of the diet and nutrition survey.
A survey of the diet and nutritional status of young people aged 4 to 18 years living in private households in Great Britain. Results are given for food consumption and intakes of energy for over 40 nutrients and more than 40 biochemical indices of nutritional status. Nutrient intakes are compared with the current UK Dietary Reference Values, and the nutritional status indices are compared with reference values where these are available. Results are also presented for young people classified by characteristics such as region, social class of head of household, and income. Paperback, xxx + 796pp.
ISBN 0116212659  $117.00.

Volume 2: Dental Health.

A survey carried out in 1997 of the oral health and diet of young people aged 4-18 living in private households in Great Britain. Information was collected from dietary and oral health interviews, 7 day dietary records, and oral health examinations. The results, in tables with commentary, are mostly presented separately for four age groups: 4-6, 7-10, 11-14, and 15-18. The report includes information about the oral condition of young people, dietary behavior that affects teeth, and socio-dental behavior. Results are also presented classified by characteristics such as region and social class. Paperback, xxii + 292 pp. 
ISBN 0116212667  $70.00


New Medicines.
The Practice of Medicine and Public Policy.
Sir Richard Sykes. 2000.
A strategic view of how innovation in the development of medicines will impact on the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare during the next two decades. A view from a leading authority in the field of pharmaceuticals addressing issues that will affect the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges governments will face in addressing the delivery of care that medical developments will bring. Key Features: A unique study prepared in conjunction with Nuffield Trust • Addresses issues associated with the practice of medicine and future developments • The impact of developments in science and technology on new medicines • A fresh look at the future demand for medicines • Proposes new approaches to the financing of medicines • Addresses issues on a global scale. The issues raised in this publication will set the agenda for the future development of policy and practice for both the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare provider. A seminal work written by the head of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Paper cased, 220 pp. 
ISBN 011702676X  $34.00 

OECD Health Data 2002 CD-ROM.
A Comparative Analysis of 30 Countries. 
OECD. July 2002.
OECD Health Data 2002 offers the most comprehensive source of comparable statistics on health and health systems across OECD countries. It is an essential tool for health researchers and policy advisors in governments, the private sector and the academic community, to carry out comparative analyses and draw lessons from international comparisons of diverse health care systems. New data on health expenditure in the 2002 edition include results from national implementations of the OECD System of Health Accounts, which is now followed in an increasing number of countries. Already in its 11th edition, OECD Health Data is a unique, interactive database covering over 1,200 indicators and offering sophisticated query modules. The most recent data are for 1999/2000, with some time series going back as far as 1960. Main topics covered include: Health status • Health care utilization • Health care resources • Expenditure on health • Financing and remuneration • Social protection • Pharmaceutical market • Non-medical determinants of health • Demographic references • Economic references.  
Single-User CD-ROM: ISBN 9264098585  $423.00
Please inquire about multi-user licenses

Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic.
WHO. 2001.
Obesity represents a rapidly growing threat to the health of populations in an increasing number of countries. This report records the conclusions and recommendations of a major WHO consultation convened to consider the alarming global epidemic of obesity, assess the magnitude of associated public health problems, and map out strategies for prevention and control. Interventions at both the population level and in individual patients are described in detail. Reflecting the consensus reached by over 30 leading experts, the report also looks at the causes and costs of obesity - in developing as well as industrialized countries, and in children as well as adults - and presents a coherent system, based on the Body Mass Index, for assessing and classifying overweight and obesity. Key Features: Offers advice on the pharmacological treatment of obesity, explains the principles of drug therapy, and reviews several promising new drugs which may soon be approved for marketing • Other strategies evaluated include dietary management, physical activity and exercise programs, behavior modification, and gastric surgery • Establishes the foundation for a comprehensive strategy - involving health services and public health policies - for preventing and managing obesity. Paperback, xii + 252 pp. 
ISBN 9241208945  $70.00

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