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Monographs-see also the botanical garden publications

Special Remainder Price!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flora of the Lesser Antilles: Leeward and Windward Islands. Howard, Richard A. Jamaica Plain, Mass. :Arnold  Arboretum, Harvard University, 1974-1989.  6 v. : ill. (some col.); 24 cm.  $80.00.
Separate volumes:
v.1 Orchidaceae $30; v. 2. Pteridophyta $20; v. 3.  Monocotyledoneae $20; v. 4-6.  Dicotyledoneae  $40 set

Botanical Garden Publications

Natural Science Publishers  

Beatrice M. Beck. 1994.  Ethnobotany of the California Indians. Vol. 1. A bibliography and index. 165 pages. (1-878762-50-8). Sandra S. Strike. 1994. Ethnobotany of the California Indians. Vol. 2. Aboriginal uses of California's indigenous plants. 210 pages. (1-878762-51-6). This 2 volume set lists all known references to California Indian ethnobotany as well as a discussion of the plants used as medicines, ornaments, foods, baskets, etc. paperbound, sewn-in signatures. set price $50.00

G. Guzman. 1992.  A checklist of the Lepiotaceous Fungi. (with information on its synonymy, distribution, edibility and bibliography. 1 colorplate. 1 black & white plate. 220 p. Hardcover. 1-878762-05-2. $25.00

Nimsch, H. 1995.  A Reference Guide to the Gymnosperms of the World. An introduction to their history, distribution, and significance. This book is a written and illustrated presentation of all known 60 genera of gymnosperms as well some of their fossil ancestors. Contents: historical perspective, formation of fossils, development of sporophytes, phylogenetic development, fossil gymnosperms, first gymnosperms, living gymnosperms- systematic overview and genera, geographic distribution, special features, significance of conifers, bibliography, index, tables. approximately 180 pages, gr8vo. Comb-bound, paperback. ISBN 1-878762-52-4 . $20.00.

These catalogs include publications in various topics such as floras, monographs, systematic treatments of plants, orchid books, symposia proceedings, botanical references and indices. If you would like your institution included in our website, email Dr. Pamela Burns-Balogh

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