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Physical Therapy books!

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NEW Rehabilitation Science!!!!!!!!!!!! help your back, neck and whiplash injuries. Most of the booklets below are kin packs of 10!

The Arm BookThe Arm Book: How to Deal with Upper Limb Pain or Injury. Based on the Latest Medical Research. UK Edition - Pack of 10 Copies. Dr Nicholas Kendall, Dr Lisa Birrell, Mr Chris Bainbridge, Mr Brian Pearce, Prof Kim Burton. 2011. This booklet provides evidence-based information for people with common upper limb problems. 'The Arm Book' outlines why people suffer from arm pain and gives advice on how best to recover, advising on what is best and safe to do. Based on scientific evidence this publication answers important questions and includes the very latest thinking on the subject. It is aimed at sufferers of arm pain as well as employers, doctors and therapists for handing out to their patients. It aims to improve arm problems and have a positive influence on health and vocational outcomes. Key features: Provides arm facts and myths; Details the causes of arm pain and explains exercises to relieve it; Written by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers. ca. 26 pp., 9780117069138. $26.00

The Back BookBack Book (American version). Stanley Bigos et al. Oct 2002. This book is intended as a guide for patients and the advice it contains is based on the latest research. It is scientifically linked with the US Dept of Health and Human Services' AHCPR Literature Review process for Acute Low Back Pain Problems Guideline #14 and with the Royal College of General Practitioners, and Faculty of Occupational Medicine guidelines for back pain in the UK. The pamphlet was recently featured in the Back Letter periodical. ISBN 9780117030657 . Only sold in packs of 10 copies. $24.00

Your back operation. The best way to recover- and get back active. Author: Waddell, Sell, McGregor, Burton. Published: 11 Jul 2005. Your Back Operation' is a guide for patients who are having surgery for sciatica. It will be suitable for most patients, and aims to help them recover and get on with their lives. The advice comes from the latest research, is approved by spine surgeons, and takes account of patients' views. Key features: Explains what sciatica is and its causes; Describes the operation procedure in understandable terminology; Gives practical advice on steps to recovery; Based on the latest evidence based research. The authors are experts in the following fields: Orthopaedic surgery: Prof. Gordon Waddell, Glasgow. Mr Philip Sell, Leicester. Physiotherapy: Dr Alison McGregor, London. Ergonomics: Prof Kim Burton, Huddersfield. Pack of 10 (28 pages each). ISBN 0117035459. $70.00

The Hip & Knee Book: Helping you cope with osteoarthritisThe hip and knee book : helping you cope with osteoarthritis. Kim Burton. 2009. This booklet is an indispensable resource for anyone that has osteoarthritis affecting their hip or knee. The advice contained in this booklet is based on the latest medical research, and has been developed with the help of people with osteoarthritis. Aimed at the end-user, it is written in an informal, user-friendly manner that provides clear advice on how to copy with osteoarthritis. The booklet not only covers how to manage osteoarthritis but outlines what osteoarthritis is, what causes it and how it can be diagnosed. The Hip & Knee Book is designed to help sufferers understand what has happened to them and that despite the illness there is plenty that can be done to help overcome the pain and increase activity. The booklet explains what sufferers can do, why they should do this and explains how to do it. All exercises are accompanied by 'how to' illustrations. 26 pp. pack of 10. ISBN 9780117067301. $30.00

The Whiplash Book. US/Canada edition Kim Burton, Tim McClune, Gordon Waddell. 2001. This inexpensive illustrated booklet presents the most up-to-date advice on how to deal with whiplash, based on the latest international medical research. The booklet is designed to help people cope with whiplash injury so that they can recover quickly and avoid long term pain and disability. It is based on the latest advice and has been written by a multidisciplinary team who specialties cover orthopedics, biomechanics, and osteopathy. As the basic message is to keep moving, it includes a number of neck exercises. This publication will prove useful for hospitals, particularly accident and emergency departments, general practitioners and physiotherapists. ISBN 9780117033252 $30.00 Pack of 10

The Neck BookThe Neck Book. US/Canada edition. Author: Gordon Waddell et al. Published: 07 Sep 2004. This publication contains accurate and effective advice and information on early management of neck pain, based on the latest research in the fields of orthopaedics, physiotherapy and ergonomics. Aspects discussed include: causes of neck pain; dealing with acute neck pain; muscle tension and stress; exercises and advice on how to stay active and get on with your life. 9780117033269. $30.00 per pack of 10

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