Why we believe in Trionic Veloped: In February, 2011, Michael Balogh, co-owner of Balogh International Inc, was diagnosed with a primary brain lymphoma. Nearly a year later, after undergoing several biopsies, chemotherapy, and septic shock with multiple organ failure, he lived. However, he was severely disabled and needed intensive therapy. With therapy, he was able to walk with a rollator/walker but could not go outside except to stores. He could not walk around the yard, walk in the woods, nor any other place who's surface was uneven. That is when we found the Trionic all-terrain walker. His walking has become so much easier and he can now go to car swap meets that he always loved, he can walk in the woods again, and just about any other place. A nice feature of the veloped is the sliding seat which enables one to sit if tired. The seat will hold up to 330 pounds in weight. The front climbing wheel has two settings, one for the city and one for off-road terrain.. This veloped is truly an amazing contribution to people with disabilities, no matter if they just need help with balance or are more disabled and need a stable walker to get around. If you need any extra information, just email

Available models: (click on links to order or for more information)

Veloped Trek green/black/orange


Veloped Trek in green/black/orange or Veloped Trek navy/black/yellow

This model is best for hiking in the woods, along streams, uneven roads. The included backpack and cooler pack will hold your equipment and lunch!

Mini pumpWe have the accessory tire pump (click on graphic on left) which attaches to the frame and a tube repair kit in case a tire is punctured by a sharp object while on the trail! We also have the accessory bottle holder (below air pump that also attaches to the frame). Bottle Holder Mike Balogh, one of the owners of Balogh International, uses this model.






Veloped Sport black/red/yellow

Veloped Sport in black/orange/white or Veloped Sport black/red/yellow or Veloped Sport black/white/white or Veloped Sport blue/red/white

This is a fitness walker for the outdoors. You can mall walk, park walk, or go to flea markets and swap meets. The bag will hold about 50 pounds.


Veloped Tour black/reflex/red

Veloped Tour in black/reflex/red

This model has a seat that is 2 inches deeper if you need more sitting area for your bottom!





Veloped Hunt Green/Black


Veloped Hunt Green/Black

If you are not a hunter, you could use the side bag for a small fishing rod. This model includes the gun case and backpack.


Veloped Golf navy/black/red


Veloped Golf navy/black/red

It is better to walk the golf course than ride in a cart. Muscles need exercising!





What makes this hiker/walker so unique?

Climbing wheel with the capacity to overcome obstacles as high as 13 cmDetachable wheels, hub brakes and air-filled tiresEasy to fold for transport and storage

Veloped on tourProduct features & benefits:

As with any handicap device, don't walk into dangerous situations or in places you are not sure. Eventhough you have more stability, you can still slip and fall.

About the inventors

Johan und Stefan

In 2004 engineers Stefan Kindberg and Johan Kuikka of Sweden came in contact with a rollator for the first time. While working on a design project at the Royal Technical Institute (KTH) in Stockholm, they accidentally met some rollator users and they were surprised by the huge amount of people using a rollator.

With 25 years experience from bike racing and bicycle design they wondered why the rollator still pretty much had the same design as the one that Bernt Leander had developed 30 years earlier. A rollator performs well indoors and on smooth surfaces, but as soon as the user hits uneven ground he or she ends up in trouble. Their opinion was that a rollator feels very much like the “Boneshaker” of the mid 1800’s when walking outdoors. The rollator had entered the year 2000, still running solid tires and no suspension whatsoever. They decided that there had to be room for new innovations and started developing a completely new type of product instead of making improvements to the existing rollator.

Their work resulted in a new invention, the Veloped. The Veloped derives from Karl von Drais “Swiftwalker” in that it makes you fast-footed, chares the purpose with Bernt Leander’s rollator by offering walking support, but then brings the whole concept up to date with innovative technique.

With its unique climbing wheel, the suspension and an awarded design, the Veloped is truly a product of the new millennium. Designed with physical activity and comfort as leading stars, it is everything but a “Boneshaker”.

As an initial concept the Veloped was awarded as winner of “Aluminium Design 2004″, an annual design award promoted by the Swedish aluminium industry.

The Veloped has also been awarded for innovation, as winner of Coup de Cœr of “AUTONOMIC’Innov 2008″ in France.


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