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The following titles are from the personal libraries of botanists.
please email Pam with your questions.

Rare Orchids Books: These books are from my private library which was very much used when I was a working orchidologist. Books have been used and show minor blemishes, dog-ears, etc- none are torn. If you need mint condition books, you won't want these. If you find that my price is higher than another bookseller, just email me and I will see if I can match the price.  Email if you need digital photos, No sets will be broken.. For new orchid books see this webpage.

Having a collection of rare books is a great investment, not only for their value but for the information
they contain. You can find planting calendar info as well as hard to find facts  on rare species.

Rarer Books

Monographie und Ikonographie der Orchidaceen-Gattung Dactylorhiza. Erich Nelson. 1976.  Plates & Text. 80 color photos, 6 Maps. 127 text pages. 2 volumes. $600.00

Monographie und Ikonographie der Orchidaceen-Gattungen Serapias - Aceras - Loroglossum - Barlia. Erich Nelson. 1968. Text (xeroxed) & Plates (Actual Plates, not xeroxes).  30 color plates, 6 Maps, 80 pp in text. 2 volumes. $600.00

Gestaltwandel und Artbildung eroertert am Beispiel der Orchidaceen Europas und der Mittelmeerlaender. Erich Nelson. 1962. Limited edition number 015. 50 color, 8 B&W, 8 maps for the genus Ophrys. 250 text pages. 2 volumes. $600.00

Die Orchidaceen Deutschlands, Deutsch-Oesterreichs und der Schweiz. Max Schulze. 1894. 92 chromolithographs. ca 300 pp. $500.00

Orchids of Australia. WH Nicholls. 1969. His paintings of Australian orchids. 476 color plates, 500 pages. Binding has been repaired, otherwise in excellent condition. (Many copies of this book have had the binding repaired because the book was too large and heavy for the binding the printer used. ). $450.00

Die Orchideen von Java. JJ Smith. 1905. Band IV. Text only. Book plate of Adolf Engler. from Flora von Buitenzorg.  in German. 672 pp. $200

Flora of Java. Spermatophytes. Volume III. Angiospermae, Families 191-238. Addenda et Corrigenda. General Index to Volumes I-III. 1968. CA Backer & RC Bakhuizen van den Brink. (includes Orchidaceae). Text only. 761 pp. $300.00

Orchid Biology. J Arditti. Volumes III, V  each $120

Fundamentals of orchid biology. J. Arditti. 1992. $350.00

Synopsis Plantarum seu Enchiridium Botanicum. Vol. I & II. by C.H. Persoon, 1805-1807. first edition. Covers have been replaced. Very good condition. inside cover has G.N. Jones (George Neville Jones), 1956 signature. has been rebound. vol. 1: xii, 546pp & vol. 2: iv, 657pp. $350.00

Ames's Orchidaceae: Illustrations and Studies of the Family Orchidaceae Fascicles 1-7. Indian reprint - inferior binding! $250.00

The orchids. A scientific survey. C. Withner. $100.00

A history of the orchid. M Reinikka. first printing 1972. $30.00

A Treasure of Masdevalia, vols 21-27: $435.00 (in original wraps, never opened)

Native Orchids of Florida. C. Luer. $150.00

Native Orchids of the United States and Canada. C. Luer. $150.00

Proceedings of the 14th World Orchid Conference. Alec M. Pridgeon editor. 9/1994. hardcover. xliii, 428 pp., many color and B&W photos and drawings. hardcover.  ISBN 0 11 495125 X. list price 120 ($250.00). our price $100.00

I have lots of orchid floras, European, South American, Australian, etc.,  send your wish list.

Other Families & General References

Willis' Dictionary of the flowering plants and ferns. 7th ed.  1966. $50.00

Atlas of United States trees. vol 3. Minor Western hardwoods. E. Little. USDA Forest Service Misc. Pub. 1314. 1976. $50.00

BPH. Botanico Periodicum Hunterianum. 1968. $30.00

Benson, Plant classification. 1959. $25.00

XIV International Botanical Congress, Berlin 1987 Proceedings. $10.00

Geographical guide to floras of the world. SF Blake. 2 vols. reprint 1974. $75.00

Index Herbariorum parts I: Herbaria of the world. 8th ed. Vol. 2: Collectors, parts II: 1-7. $125.00

Guide to the literature of botany. BD Jackson. reprint 1974. $50.00

Index Nominum Genericorum 3 volumes plus 1 supplement. $400.00

Heywood's International directory of botanical gardens. 1990. $50.00

International code of botanical nomenclature. 1988: $10.00; 1994: $10.00

An introduction to pollen analysis. G. Erdtman. 1943. $25.00 (2 copies available)

Textbook of modern pollen analysis. K. Faegri & J. Iversen. 1950. $20.00

Plants for man. RW Schery. 1952. $50.00

Eames & MacDaniels, Introduction to plant anatomy. 1947. $25.00

Davis & heywood, Principles of angiosperm taxonomy. 1973. $25.00

Sass, JE, Botanical microtechnique. 1958 (ex library copy). $25.00

Gray's Manual of Botany revised edition (inside title manual of the botany of the Northern United States, including the district east of the Mississippi and north of North Carolina and Tennessee). Asa Gray. 6th ed. 1889. needs cover rebound, book otherwise solid. $40.00