dillard.jpg (15413 bytes)Common Freshwater algae of the United States. An illustrated key to the genera (excluding diatoms). Gary E. Dillard. 11/1999. 173 p, 298 figs, 21x16cm, spiral bound. ISBN 3-443-50026-9. $40.00

This manual has been prepared to provide freshwater biologists a means to identify some to the more commonly encountered freshwater algal genera of the United States. Keys, representative illustrations, and general ecological notes are provided for some 300 genera, excluding the diatoms. Although there are many excellent taxonomic treatments of freshwater algae, most require detailed familiarity with algal morphology in order to use the identification keys successfully. To the extent possible, formal terminology common to most taxonomic treatments has been avoided in the preparation of the keys included in this manual. An extensive bibliography provides references to more detailed taxonomic treatments for those who wish to proceed to species identification. Our concepts of the algal classes, orders and families, due to new information largely provided by electron microscopy and molecular biology, are presently in a state of change. The manual therefore does not include placement of the genera into supra-generic taxa, however, the bibliography includes references providing such information. Audience: students, professional aquatic biologists, ecologists and others interested in the phycology of the freshwaters of North America.

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