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iberica.jpg (10769 bytes)Flora Mycologica Iberica:

Flora Mycologica Iberica. M. Teresa Telleria & I. Melo. 1995. This series of fungi monographs covers those found on the Iberian Peninsula. in English and Spanish.

Bibliotheca Mycologica:

Bibliotheca Mycologia: Edited by A. Bresinsky, H. Butin & H. 0. Schwantes LW - prices change with fluctuating currencies

 Fungorum rariorum icones coloratae. 24x 17 cm.

Mycologia Memoir. Published for the New York Botanical Garden in collaboration with the Mycological Society of America. 23.x 15 cm.

No. 11: Indigenous fermented food of non-western origin. Edited by Hesseltine, C. W. & Wang, Hwa. 1986. 351 p., 31 figs., ISBN 3-443-76001-5> bound DM 140./ $88

No. 12: Pollack, Flora G.: An annotated compilation of Cercospora Names. 1987. VIII, 212 p., (Contributions from the U.S. National Fungus Collection, No. 2) <ISBN 3-443-76002-3> bound DM 80./ $48

bibliomyco.jpg (6411 bytes)No. 13: Uecker, F. A.: A World list of Phomopsis names with notes on nomenclature, morphology and biology. 1988. 231 p., 5 figs., (Contributions from the U.S. National Fungus Collection, No. 3) <ISBN 3-443-76003-1> bound DM 90./ $53

No. 14: Chamuris, George P.: The non-stipitate stereoid fungi in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada. 1988. 247 p., 68 figs., (Contributions from the U.S. National Fungus Collections, No.4) <:ISBN 3-443-76004-X> bound DM 98./ $58

No. 15: Nakasone, Karen K.: Cultural Studies and Identification of Wood-inhabiting Corticiaceae and Selected Hymenomyetes from North America. 1990. 412 p., 84 figs.,15 tab., <ISBN 3-443-76005-8> bound DM 150./ $89

No. 16: Batra, Lekh R.: World species of Monilinia (fungi): their ecology, biosystematics and control. 1991. X, 246 p., 14 tab., 99 figs. on 22 pl., <ISBN 3-443-76006-6> bound DM 148./ $88

No. 17: Pfister, Donald H., Boise, Jean R. & Eifler, Maria-A.: A bibliography of taxonomic mycological literature 1753- 1821. l990. 161 p., <ISBN 3-443-16007-4> bound DM 76./ $45

No. 18: Corlett, Michael: An annotated list of the published names in Mycosphaerella and Sphaerella. With the assistance of Rheta M. McGregor. 1991. 328 p., <ISBN 3-443-76008-2> bound DM 128.-/ $76

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