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Bryophytes (Mosses, Liverworts, Lichens)

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Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 103. Checklist of the Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi of Greece. Bernard F.M. Abbott. 2009. ISBN: 978-3-443-58082-7. 368 pp. Paperback.
This book brings together the results from over 2000 years of investigations into Greek lichens by workers from many countries. Greece has a rich lichen flora but it is not well known, in large part because previous publications are scattered through a wide, and often obscure, literature. This comprehensive and detailed checklist puts the study of Greek lichens onto a firm foundation, and will be indispensible for any botanist with an interest in Greece. Lichenologists throughout the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean region will also find it of value.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 102. Revision of the corticolous Opegrapha species from the Paleotropics. Damien Ertz. 2009. ISBN 978-3-443-58081-0. 176 pp., 124 figures. Paperback. $141.00
Volume 102 of Bibliotheca Lichenologica presents a revision of the corticolous paleotropical lichen species of Opegrapha (Roccellaceae, Arthoniales). Forty-five species are accepted, of which eight are new to science: Opegrapha bisokeana sp. nova, O. borbonica sp. nova, O. deblockiae sp. nova, O. dekeselii sp. nova, O. maldiveana sp. nova, O. nyungweana sp. nova, O. subdimidiata sp. nova and O. ugandensis sp. nova. Thirty-one names are considered to be new synonyms of accepted species and six species examined during the study are combined in other genera: Arthonia sororiella comb. Nova (bas. O. sororiella), Enterographa subcervina comb. nova (bas. O. subcervina), Lecanographa martii comb. nova (bas. O. martii), L. rufa comb. nova (bas. O. rufa), L. subnothella comb. nova (bas. O. subnothella) and Patellaria stirtonii comb. nova (bas. O. stirtonii). Three species previously described as lichens (O. agelaea, O. gregalis and O. nigeriensis) are demonstrated to be lichenicolous fungi. Nine species are considered as doubtful or are excluded from the genus. The volume also provides a key to all species of lichenized and corticolous Opegrapha from the Paleotropics, that is Africa and Asia.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 101.  Taxonomical revision of the Caloplaca saxicola group (Teloschistaceae, lichenforming Ascomycota). Ester Gaya. 2009. ISBN 978-3-443-58080-3. 191 pp.,  2 figures, 11 tables, 37 plates. Paperback. $138.00
This volume presents a revision of the Caloplaca saxicola group (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycetes) of the northern Hemisphere. The revision is based on the study of morphological and anatomical characteristics of approximately 650 specimens and their relevant type material. The specimens and type material studied are documented in drawings of microscopic structures and photos of thallus habit and apothecia. Furthermore the author presents a key to the taxa covered by this study. A statistical analysis was conducted to verify the significance of the spore characters for identification and completes this study.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 100. Diversity of Lichenology - Anniversary Volume.  Ed.: Thell, Arne; Seaword, Mark R.D.; Feuerer, Tassilo. 2009. ISBN: 978-3-443-58079-7. 512 pp.,  227 figures, 21 tables. Paperback. $228.00
This 100th anniversary volume of Bibliotheca Lichenologica, pays tribute to the diversity in lichenology. Multiple, cosmopolitan aspects of the research on lichens in its breadth are reflected in the large variety of subjects covered in 18 chapters by 37 authors from 13 countries. The chapters document recent developments in taxonomy, phytogenetic analyses, phylogenetic research, fl oristic studies and lichen ecology, and - again - a large number of newly described taxa, keys to the identifi cation of Usnea, and details of current analytical work. A personal review by Ingvar Kärnefelt of past and present contributors to lichenology. His biographical sketches provide a good measure of the multi-faceted nature of lichenology and of the expertise involved in its development, paying tribute to Bibliotheca Lichenologica's anniversary.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 99. Biodiversity and ecology of lichens: Liber Amicorum Harrie Sipman. Ed.: Aptroot, André; Seaward, Mark R. D.; Sparrius, Laurens B. 2009. ISBN: 978-3-443-58078-0. 439 pp., 117 figures, 12 tables. Paperback. $155.00
This volume on lichen biodiversity and ecology is dedicated to Harrie Sipman. It contains 29 peer-reviewed contributions by 50 authors. The emphasis is on the biodiversity and ecology of lichens in the tropics, but some papers are devoted to related areas. This volume is indispensable for active lichenologists, especially because it contains keys to several lichen genera. Full monographs are presented for the reinstated genus Herpothallon (with 29 species), the new genera Diaphorographis (with 2 species), Sipmaniella (with 1 species) and Synarthothelium (with 2 species), and the genus Placopyrenium (with 14 species and 3 varieties). Keys are furthermore given to all cryptothalline species of Lecidea, the lichenicolous genus Sphaerellothecium and the species of Cryptothecia and Stirtonia in Thailand. The genus Trypetheliopsis is resurrected for Musaespora, and all relevant combinations are made. Most papers describe various new species from all over the world, in the genera Bacidia, Buellia, Caloplaca, Chapsa, Cladonia, Cryptothecia, Diaphorographis, Gassicurtia, Herpothallon, Micarea, Phaeographis, Placocarpus, Placopyrenium, Porina, Pyrenula, Pyxine, Stirtonia, Strigula, Synarthothelium, Thelocarpon, Thelopsis, Xanthoparmelia, and Zwackhiomyces. The newly described Thelopsis is intermediate between that genus and Topelia, leading to the supposition that these genera are one continuum and should be united. Floristic papers are presented on lichens from Montenegro, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Namibia (including the description of an association), South Africa and the Seychelles and bryophytes of the Galapagos, but specimens from a multitude of other countries ranging from Iceland to Australia are cited throughout the papers. The floristic papers contain also new synonymys and combinations, partly in additional genera like Mycomicrothelia. One paper is devoted to lichens and global warming. The volume also contains three phylogenetic studies, viz. on all lichen groups with cyanobacteria, on Schistophoron and on Tylophoron, in which a systematic placement for this enigmatic genus is postulated for the first time. The volume is completed by lists of published papers and species decribed by Harrie Sipman. The volume is richly illustrated and contains many colour photographs, e.g. from all Herpothallon species and from sections through the apothecia of many Lecidea species.

Aptroot, André;Seaward, Mark R. D.; Sparrius, Laurens B.: Biodiversity and ecology of lichens Liber Amicorum Harrie Sipman 2009. 439 pages, 117 figures, 12 tables, 23x14cm. ISBN 978-3-443-58078-0 paperback,   US$159.00

Pyrenocarpous lichens with bitunicate asci. A first assessment of the lichen biodiversity inventory in Costa Rica. Ed.: Aptroot, André; Lücking, Robert; Sipman, Harrie J.M.; Umana, Loengrin; Chaves, José Luis. 2008. 162 pages, 32 figures, 3 tables, 23x14cm. (Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 97). ISBN 978-3-443-58076-6 paperback,   $120.00

Cano, Maria J.:
Taxonomic revision of Hennediella Paris (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta)
2008. 142 pages, 68 figures, 2 tables, 23x14cm
(Bryophytorum Bibliotheca, Band 64)

ISBN 978-3-443-62036-3 paperback,   $108.00

Lichenological Contributions in Honour of David Galloway
Ed.: Kärnefelt, Ingvar; Thell, Arne. 225 figures, 18 tables. (Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 95) ISBN 978-3-443-58074-2 paperback, $160.00


Advances in Bryology. A Publication of the International Association of Bryologists. 22x 14cm.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica. Edited by Volkmar Wirth, T. H. Nash III and J. A. Elix. 22x 14 cm.

Bryophytorum Bibliotheca. Editor: S. R. Gradstein. Editorial Board: J.-P. Frahm, D. Long, D. H. Vitt. 22x 14cm.

Nylander, William: Collected Lichenological Papers. Edited and prefaced by Teuvo Ahti. Reprint 1990. 3 Volumes.

Index Hepaticarum. Edited by Patricia Geissler and Helene Bischler. 23x l5cm.