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Advances in Limnology, Volume 62
Patterns and factors of biota distribution in remote European mountain lakes.
Jordi Catalan, Christopher J. Curtis, Martin Kernan.
2009. ISBN: 978-3-510-47064-8. 440 pages, 110 figures, 77 tables, 7 appendices. Paperback. $178.50
This special issue presents a number of studies which examine the planktonic environment, the littoral and benthic zones, the indicative value of lake sediments for assessments of ecological status and several integrated regional assessments.

Advances in Limnology, Volume 61
The Ecology of the Hyporheic Zone of Running Waters. Patterns, Processes and Bottleneck Functions.
Dietrich: Borchardt and Martin Pusch. 2009.  ISBN: 978-3-510-47063-1. 224 pages, 65 figures, 28 tables. Paperback. $129.20

Cyanoprokaryota. In honour of Jiri Komarek on the occasion of his 75th anniversary. 2008. 265 pages, 144 figures, 17 tables, 24x16cm. (Algological Studies/Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Suppl. Vol., No. 126) Order No. ES221012600 paperback,   $296.60

50th Anniversary of International Association for Danube Research (IAD). Selected papers of the 36th IAD-Conference 4-8 September 2006. Vienna-Klosterneuburg (Austria). Transboundary River Management, Water Framework Directive. Ed.: Dokulil, Martin; Hein, Thomas; Janauer, Georg; Teodorovic, Ivana 2008. 360 pages, 100 figures, 60 tables, 1 appendix, 25x18cm (Archiv für Hydrobiologie - Supplementbände, volume 166 No. 1-2).  paperback,   $302.40

Algological Studies: Edited by Oldrich Lhotsky. Editorial Board: H. Huebel, E. Kessler, J. Komarek, L. Kovacik, J. Kristiansen, P. Marvan, E. Miadokova, I. Setlik. (The Series "Algological Studies" is a Supplement to the Archive für Hydrobiologie). No. 1 – 83, 1970 – 96. Approx. 4 volumes per year. 1 volume has 1 issue. <ISSN 0342-1120>. ..............

advlimn.jpg (10136 bytes)Advances in Limnology – Ergebnisse der Limnologie. Special issues of Archive für Hydrobiologie. Official Journal of the International Association for Theoretical and Applied Limnology. Ed. by W. Lampert. <ISSN 0071-1128>

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