A Bibliography of Conifers : 2nd Edition. Aljos Farjon.  2005. greatly expanded to 3,787 references to published literature. To make it far more accessible, many more general titles have been added - including coverage of Araucariaceae, Cupressaceae and Pinaceae and subjects related to their taxonomy. A new index to taxon names, referenced to the bibliography, greatly facilitates finding literature related to specific taxa. 218pp. 320 x 220mm. ISBN 1 84246 1206    $170.00

A Monograph of Cupressaceae and Sciadopitys. Aljos Farjon. 2005.Consisting of 30 genera and 133 species, this is the only Gymnosperm family with world-wide distribution. All species are described with information on nomenclature, types, distribution, ecology, conservation, cited specimens, taxonomic notes and distribution maps. Introductory chapters deal with history, morphology and anatomy, phylogeny and evolution, and distribution. The author's beautiful full-page line drawings, of every species, are superbly reproduced, and a particular feature of this book, making it a work of art to be treasured by the botanic bibliophile. 648pp. 320 x 220mm. Numerous line drawings. Hardback, with jacket. ISBN 1 84246 068 4. $250.00


pinos.jpg (10393 bytes)Field guide to the pines of Mexico and Central America. Farjon, A. et al. 1997. well- illustrated with many line figures, illustrated glossary, keys by region, keys by morphological groups, 47 species each of which has a detailed description and line figure plate and distribution map. 147 pp. over 100 line figure plates. paperback. $36.00  ISBN 1-900347-36-9;(also available in the Spanish version Guia de campo de los Pinos de Mexico y America Central, $36.00 ISBN 1-900347-37-7)

World checklist and bibliography of conifers. Farjon, Aljos. 2001, 2nd ed. completely revised to include all known names up to the end of 2000. 135 new names published since 1998, extensive updating of text, comprehensive revision of the bibliography. contents: bibliography, checklist, names, distribution, habit, conservation, abbreviations, index to names of families and genera, incertae sedis, new combinations. 308 pp. paperback. ISBN 1-84246-025-0 $78.00


FERNS & Other Lower Plants

Authors of Scientific Names in Pteridophyta. Rodolfo E.G.Pichi Sermolli (Compiler). Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens, 1996. Authors of Plant Names, by R.K.Brummitt and E. Powell included many authors of scientific names of plants, including Pteridophytes. Professor Pichi Sermolli's unrivalled knowledge of the group has enabled him to add nearly 400 entries to the 1810 listed by Brummitt and Powell as having published new Pteridophyte names. Extra biographical data is included for 231 authors, and full names are given for 189 authors listed by Brummitt & Powell with initials only. This will be an invaluable reference work for all workers on Pteridophytes and, indeed, for all botanists. xxx + 78 pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 90 7 $30.00

Authors of Plant Names. Eds. R.K. Brummitt & C.E. Powell. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1992. An index of authors of plant scientific names. 'Plants' includes flowering plants, gymnosperms, pteridophytes, bryophytes, algae, fungi and fossil plants. Full names, dates of birth and death when known, recommended abbreviations and groups in which names have been published, are given for each author. iv + 732 pp. Hard cover & dust wrapper. ISBN 0 947643 44 3 $80.00

Holttum Memorial Volume. Johns, RJ. 1997. This volume commemorates the centenary of the Birth of Professor R.E. Holttum in 1895. A biography of Holttum and his full bibliography are followed by fifteen papers on pteridologyl which cover a wide range of subjects from studies of development and morphology to systematics and biogeography, thus reflecting the late Professor Holttum's broad interest in ferns. viii+272 pp. Soft Cover 1997. ISBN 1 900347 17 2. $54.00

Index of Thelypteridaceae. by J.W. Grimes & B.S. Parris. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1986. iv + 50 pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 03 6 $30.00

Noteworthy Species of Grammitidaceae from South-East Asia. by B.S. Parris. Kew: Bentham-Moxon Trust, 1990. Hooker's Icones Plantarum, 40(4). 129 pp. Fully illustrated. Paperback. ISBN 0 9504876 8 6 $30.00

Plants of Mount Kinabalu. 1. Ferns. by B.S. Parris, R.S. Beaman & J.H. Beaman. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1992. Mount Kinabalu, in Borneo, is extremely rich in ferns. This book covers an area of 700 sq. km. and enumerates more than 600 fern species - more than are found in the whole of mainland tropical Africa. All species are listed with their place of publication, synonyms, notes on ecology and altitudinal range, and a list of materal examined. This is the first volume of a 3 - 4 volume set covering the entire flora of the mountain. viii + 165 pp. 5 colour plates. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 38 9 $42.00

Pteridology in Perspective. 1996. This volume contains the reviewed papers and posters presented at the international Holttum Memorial Pteridophyte Symposium held at Kew from 17-21 July 1995. The contents fully represent the range of pteridological research discussed, from the molecular level through anatomy to systematics, physiology, ecology, conservation and horticulture. The proceedings include sections on: R. E. Holttum, Floras, biodiversity and conservation, Generic and family concepts, Species concepts and speciation, Pattern and process and Interaction with the environment and other organisms. Professor Holttum corresponded regularly with many pteridologists throughout the world and, through his observations and suggestions, did much to stimulate the critical study of ferns. Learned bodies qualified to inderstand and appreciate the value of his achievements gave him their highest awards. The Symposium was designed to follow Holttum's broad interest in pteridology and his life-long example of encouragement. It succeeded in both these aims. xx + 700 pp. Hardback. ISBN 1 900347 09 1. $140.00

Tribe Selagineae. $66.00


The agarics of Sao Paulo, Brazil. DN Pegler. 1997. This is a practical guide to the current knowledge of the agaricoid fungi based upon the author's research. The fungi of the Atlantic rainforest, cerrado, mangroves and restinga vegetation types are covered. keys to species identification, references to descriptions and illustrations are provided throughout the text.Size 244 x 154 x 7 mm. iv + 114pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 1 900347 16 4 $60.00

Agaric Flora of the Lesser Antilles. by D.N. Pegler. London: HMSO, 1983. (Kew Bulletin Additional Series IX). 668 pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 112411 80 0 out of print

Agaric Flora of Sri Lanka. by D.N. Pegler. London: HMSO, 1986. (Kew Bulletin Additional Series XII). 519 pp. Paperback. ISBN 0 11 250004 8 $64.00

British Chanterelles and Tooth-Fungi An account of the British Cantharelloid and stipitate Hydnoid fungi. DN Pegler. et al. 1997. The book provides the first modern account of these spectacular fungi, many of which are popular, edible mushrooms. An introduction describes their structure, ecology, distribution and conservation needs, and also collection methods. All species are fully described and illustrated with colour photographs, together with text-figures of their microstructures. Distribution details are extended to include both Europe and North America, as well as the U.K. iv + 114pp. Soft Cover 1997. ISBN 1 900347 15 6 $48.00

British Truffles: A Revision of British Hypogeous Fungi. by D.N. Pegler, B.M. Spooner & T.W.K. Young. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1993. Studies of truffles in Britain extend back for nearly 150 years, but the first monograph appeared only in 1954. This stimulated further collecting, which has led to the appearance of this latest account. Species with underground fruit-bodies are found in all the major fungal groups, and each group has been dealt with by a specialist. All species known are described and illustrated by line drawings and half-tone SEM images. Most species are also illustrated in colour in 12 plates of paintings by Lorna Minton. viii + 216pp. Many line & half-tone illustrations, 12 colour plates. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 39 7 $48.00

Clathraceae. by D.M. Dring. Reprint from Kew Bulletin 35(1), 1980. 96 pp. 27 figs. Paperback. $24.00

Fungi of Southeast England. R.W.G. Dennis. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1995. A full listing of all fungi known from the counties of Kent, Surrey, and East and West Sussex. For each taxon there is the most up-to-date name, distribution within the four counties, and brief notes on occurrence, habitat, frequency and other matters. vi + 295 pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 80 X $50.00

Fungi of Europe: Investigation, Recording and Conservation. Eds. D.N. Pegler, L. Boddy, B. Ing and P.M. Kirk. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1993. The book records the proceeding of the XI Congress of European Mycologists held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in September 1992. 23 papers are published, written by international experts and arranged under three headings: Fungal Recording and Mapping, Fungi in European Ecosystems, and Conservation of European Fungi, providing the latest state of research into the European mycota. x + 322 pp. Many line illustrations. Soft Cover. ISBN 0947643 54 0 $50.00

Fungi of the Hebrides. by R.W.G. Dennis. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1986. 383 pp, incl. 2 maps. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 02 8 $50.00

Genera of Endogonales. Y.-J. Yao, D.N. Pegler & T.W.K Young. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1996. The Endogonales, often referred to as Pea Truffles, are small fungi producing their fruiting bodies beneath the ground. In recent years it has become apparent that many of them form mycorrhizas with crop and other plants, profoundly affecting nutrition, and possibly other aspects of growth. This world-wide revision recognizes nine genera, and provides keys to, and descriptions of, both the genera and the species. A series of 29 half-tone plates illustrates many aspects of the group. iv + 229 pp. 14 line illustrations & diagrams. 29 half-tone plates. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 92 3 $50.00

The Genus Lentinus: A World Monograph. by D.N. Pegler. London: HMSO, 1983. (Kew Bulletin Additional Series X). 281 pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 11 242627 1. $50.00

A Preliminary Agaric Flora of East Africa. by D.N. Pegler. London: HMSO, 1977. (Kew Bulletin Additional Series VI). 615 pp. Soft Cover (boxed). ISBN 0 112411 01 0 out of print

Rhizoctonia- forming fungi. A taxonomic guide. Peter Roberts. 1999. The rhizoctonia-forming Heterobasidiomycetes include several of the world's most devastating crop pathogens, the majority of known orchid endomycorrhizal associates, and a variety of saprotrophs. This book provides a taxonomic guide to all known teleomorphis in Ceratobasidiales, Exidiales, Platygloeales, and Tulasnellales, providing keys to genera and detailed descriptions and in most cases original line drawings. 238 pp., 110 line figures and B&W photos. paperback. ISBN 1 900347 69 5. $70.00

Wild Mushroom and Toadstool Poisoning. by S.G. Oldridge, D.N. Pegler & B.M. Spooner. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 1989. 23 pp. Soft Cover. ISBN 0 947643 18 4. $15.00

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