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Knight, N. Flora. 1997. Beautiful oversized color photos. 46 in-depth discussions of history and uses. ISBN: 0948835192. Hardcover. List $100.00, Sale $60.00

Armstrong, R.. 1995. Guide to the birds of Alaska. 4th ed. paperback.. 322 p..completely illustrated in color. . comprehensive guide to 443 species, natural history, descriptions, distribution. field guide. zoology, birds. ISBN: 0882404628. List $25.00, Sale 15.00

Bell, S. et al.. 1991. Habitat structure, the physical arrangements of objects in space.. 438 p. ecology, environment. ISBN: 0412322706. List $100.00, Sale $60.00

Bos, I. & P. Caligari.. 1995. Selection methods in plant breeding. hardcover.. 347 p..some formulas. comprehensive review of the principles & methods used for selection in plant breeding programs. reviews aspects of population and quantitative genetics, soil heterogeneity & intergenotypic competition.. botany, genetics. ISBN: 0412553309. List $290.00, Sale $174.00

Bowler, I.. 1992. The geography of agriculture in developed market economies.. 317 p. botany. ISBN: 0582301610. List $48.00, Sale $29.00

Bowles, M.L.. 1994. Restoration of endangered species. Conceptual issues, planning and implementation. paperback edition 1996. 394 p..0 figures. . . ecology. ISBN: 0521574226. List $30.00, Sale $18.00

Craker, L.. 1994. The international directory of specialists in herbs, spices, and medicinal plants. paperback.. alphabetical listing by country, lists specialist's address and interests. botany, reference. List $56.00, Sale $34.00

Dawson, A.. 1991. O Poder das Ervas. Um guia sobre o uso medicinal, culinario e paisagistico de plantas selvagens e cultivadas. paperback.. 274 p..many line figures.. . contents in Portuguese: como identificar, colher e conservar as ervas; O preparo de infusoes, maceracoes, tinturas e essencias; Receitas de chas medicinais e culinarios; comidas e sucos; As plantas e seu comportamento conforme as estacoes do ano.. botany, flora, S. Am.. ISBN: 8571234205. List $49.00, Sale $30.00

Duke, J. & J. duCellier.. 1993. CRC handbook of alternative cash crops.. 528 p..0. . describes 128 crop plants that can be grown as alternatives to tobacco or narcotic plants. presented in alphabetical order.. botany, agriculture. ISBN: 0849336201. List $280.00, Sale $168.00

Dunmire, W. & G. Tierney.. 1995. Wild plants of the Pueblo Province. Exploring ancient and enduring uses. hardcover.. 290 p..many color and B&W photos. . authors have documented and discussed 300 South Western USA species which have historic, pre-historic, and modern day uses. Each plant has a discussion and color photo.. botany, ethnobotany. List 0890132828. List $30.00, Sale $18.00

Falk, D. et al. 1996. Restoring diversity. Strategies for reintroduction of endangered plants. hardcover.. 505 p..few figures. . strategic & legal context for rare plant restoration, biology of restoration, use of mitigation in rare plant conservation, case studies from across the USA.. botany, biodiversity. ISBN: 1559632976. $40.00, Sale $24.00

Folhas & Flores. 1987. Plantas Anuais e Bianuais. hardcover.. 172 p..completely illustrated with color drawings. . This is a gardening book, lots of water color illustrations, typical cultivation type book, covers usual garden plants but in Portuguese, e.g., Felicia, Dianthus, etc. in Portuguese!. botany, flora, S. Am.. List $49.00, Sale $30.00

Fritz, R. et al.. 1992. Plant resistance to herbivores and pathogens. Ecology, evolution and genetics. paperback.. 590 p..0 figures. . covers all major aspects of this topic. botany, ecology. ISBN: 0226265544. List $45.00, Sale $27.00

Goldbeter, A.. 0. Biochemical oscillations and cellular rhythms. The molecular basis of periodic and chaotic behavior. hardcover. zoology, genetics. ISBN: 0521599466. List $65.00, Sale $39.00

Graham, A. & F.. 1995. Kate Furbish and the flora of Maine. hardcover.. 160 p..many color and B&W drawings. . Acquaints a wide audience for the first time with the life and watercolors of a remarkable 19th century Maine artist and botanist. You can read about her travels in Maine, collecting and painting its wildflowers. botany, reference. ISBN: 0884481751. List $55.00, Sale $33.00

Guzman, Gaston.. 1992. A Checklist of the Lepiotaceous Fungi. 220 p..2 pl.. sale price. an alphabetical list of more than 1700 names (Agaricaceae: Leucocoprineae, Lepioteae, Cystodermateae) is given. Also provided are synonyms, nomina nuda, doubtful species, excluded species. More than 1000 references including floristic lists.. botany, mycology. List $30.00, Sale $18.00

Hinman, C. & J.. 1992. The plight & promise of arid land agriculture.. 253 p. Hardcover. botany, agriculture. ISBN: 0231066120. List $70.00, Sale $42.00.

King, G. 1996. Reptiles & Herbivory. illus. 220p. ISBN: 0412461102. List $112.00, Sale $68.00

Linskens, H. et al.. 1992. Seed analysis. hardcover.. 380 p..72 figures.. Modern Methods of Plant Analysis. new series. vol. 14.. genotype determination in almond nuts; identification of cereal varieties by gel electrophoresis; analysis of seed proteins; protein analysis, etc.. botany, seed analysis. ISBN: 0387527370. List $245.00, Sale $147.00

Marco, G. et al.. 1991. Regulation of agrochemicals. A driving force in their evolution. paperback.. 189 p. botany, agriculture. ISBN: 0841220859. List $46.00, Sale $28.00

Mejia-Saules, Ma. T.. 1992. Gramineas Utiles de Mexico. paperback.. 298 p..many figures of species. descriptions in Spanish, uses, distribution.. botany, flora. List $65.00, Sale $39.00

Moore, Michael. 1989. Medicinal plants of the desert and canyon west. paperback.. 184 p..many line figures & some color photos.. . guide to identifying, preparing, and using plants of this region.. botany, ethnobotany. ISBN: 0890131821. List $17.00, Sale $11.00

Moore, Michael.. 1979. Medicinal plants of the mountain west. paperback.. 200 p..many line figures and some color photos.. . 120 species described and discussed, how to identify, prepare, use.. botany, ethnobotany. ISBN: 089013104X. List $17.00, Sale $11.00

Mora-Osejo, Luis.. 1994. Estudios ecologicos del Paramo Y del Bosque Alto Andino Cordillera Oriental de Colombia. 2 volumes. paperback.. 714 p..many figures. . series of papers on the ecology of this area of Colombia covering plants and animals, ecological factors.. ecology, South America. List $120.00, Sale $72.00

Mutt, J.A. Mari and P.F. Bellinger.. 1990. A catalog of the neotropical Collembola. paperback.. 237 p..0. Flora and fauna handbook no. 5.. list of species and institutions of collections.. zoology, insects. ISBN: 1877743003. List $110.00, Sale $66.00

Nicolson, D. et al.. 1988. An interpretation of Van Rheede's Hortus Malabaricus.. 378 p..1 fig.. Regnum Vegetabile, vol. 119. . botany, reference. ISBN: 3874292819. List $118.00, Sale $$71.00

Oelschlaeger, M.. 1992. After Earth Day. continuing the conservation effort.. 241 p..0. . contributions from leading ecologists.. ecology. List $24.50, Sale $15.00

Orchid Society of South East Asia.. 1993. Orchid growing in the tropics. reprint 1994.. 206 p..completely illustrated in color. . growing conditions, cultivation, balcony growing, exhibiting, pests & diseases.. botany, orchids. ISBN: 9812041087. List $33.00, Sale $20.00

Patten, B.. 1995. Complex ecology. The part-whole relation in ecosystems. 704 p..few figures. .ecology. ISBN: 0131616068. List $99.00, Sale $60.00

Peterken, George F.. 1996. Natural woodland. Ecology and conservation in northern temperate regions. paperback.. 522 p..some B&W photos. . first describes how woods grow, die and regenerate in the absence of human influence, and the structures and range of habitats found in natural woods; examples of virgin and old growth woods in Europe and North America.. ecology, forestry. ISBN: 0521367921. List $65.00, Sale $39.00

Raghavendra, AS. Physiology of trees. hardcover. ISBN: 0471501107. List $300.00, Sale $180.00

Randall, E.. 1994. As Frutas Tropicals. Verdadeiras dadivas da Natureza na Aridez dos Tropicos. paperback.. 125 p..some figures. . contents: Fruta nao e so Alimento; Abacata; Abacaxi; banana; Coco-da-Baja; Damasco; Goiaba; and other fruits; under each species there are notes on uses, how you can use the plant, etc. also contains some recipes.. botany, flora, S. Am.. List $25.00, Sale $15.00

Saling, A.. 1991. The great Northwest nature factbook. Remarkable animals, plants & natural features in Washington, Oregon, Idaho & Montana. paperback.. 198 p..some figures.. . great guide to take along on a trip to NW.. reference. ISBN: 0882405144. List 15.00, Sale $9.00

Salley, H. 1992. Rhododendron hybrids. 2nd ed.. 343 pp..592 color photos. botany, gardening. ISBN: 088192184X. List $60.00, Sale $36.00

Sampson, R. Neil et al.. 1994. Assessing forest ecosystem health in the inland West. hardcover.. 461 p..few figures. historical origins, assessments of available management tools, analysis of choices for policy makers; goal is to help understand these forests so that public policies can reflect a constructive and realistic framework in which forests can be managed.. botany, forestry. ISBN: 15022052X. List $66.00, Sale $40.00

Schofield, J.. 1989. Discovering wild plants. Alaska, Western Canada, The Northwest. paperback.. 354 p..completely illustrated with color and B&W photos.. . descriptions of 147 plants organized by habitat, 190 color photos, recipes, instructions for usage, traditional uses.. botany, flora, N. Am.. ISBN: 0882403699. List $40.00, Sale $24.00

Stacey, G. et al.. 1996. Plant-microbe interactions. vol. 1.. 316 p..some figures. botany, pathology. ISBN: 041298881X. List $205.00, Sale $123.00

Stolp, H.. 1988. Microbial ecology: organisms, habitats, activities. paperback reprint 1996.. 308 p..few figures. . concentrates on ecological aspects of microbial life, structure, behavior, growth, dispersal, interactions, symbionts, pathogens.. botany, fungi. ISBN: 0521276365. List $40.00, Sale $24.00

Tolmachev, AI. 1997. Flora of the Russian Arctic. Volume II: Cyperaceae- Orchidaceae. 232 p..many distribution maps. Flora of the Russian Arctic. . botany, flora, Russia. ISBN: 0888642709. List $125.00, Sale $75.00

Turner, A.. 1989. Swallows & Martins. An identification guide and handbook. hardcover.. 258 p..74 color figs.. . many color drawings, descriptions, 74 species.. zoology, birds. ISBN: 0395511747. List $35.00, Sale $21.00

Visual dictionary of plants (in Portuguese).. 1995. Atlas visuais Plantas. paperback.. 62 p..62 color pages. . the Portuguese version of the Dorling Kindersley Visual dictionary of plants- has photos of plant parts, cells, stems leaves, etc and pointers to these parts with Portuguese names. Great book if you have Portuguese language botany books.. botany, dictionary. List $35.00, Sale $21.00

Webster Publishing. 1994. Australian mammals, the multimedia experience. cdrom.. hundreds of pages "windows" of text and images video and sound, tropics: introduction, monotremes, marsupials, carnivores, rodents, bats, introduced species, marine mammals, extinct and endangered animals. fantastic!. zoology, mammals, australia. List $30.00, Sale $18.00

Welch, K.. 1987. Handbook on the maintenance of reptiles in capitivity. hardcover.. 156 p..many figs.. . . zoology, herpetology. ISBN: 0898748305. List $21.50, Sale $13.00

Wielgorskaya, T.. 1995. Dictionary of generic names of seed plants. hardcover.. 570 p..0 figures. . contains brief information- author, year of publication, family, distribution, number of species- similar to the plant book, and Willis' dictionary of flowering plants & ferns- but supposedly updated.. botany, reference. ISBN: 0231078927. List $175.50, Sale $106.00

Williams, J.T.. 1993. Pulses and vegetables. hardcover.. 247 p..few figures.. . looks at underutilized crops and makes suggestions for greater commercial development and exploitation; yam, bean, bambara ground nut, Celosia, lupins, vegetable jute, Opuntia, palm hearts, soybean leaves.. botany, agriculture. ISBN: 0412466104. List $206.00, Sale $124.00

Yoshimoto, C.. 1990. A review of the genera of New World Mymaridae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). paperback.. 166 p..38 pls.. Flora and Fauna handbook no. 7.. taxonomic treatment.. zoology, insects. ISBN: 1877743046. List $90.00, Sale $54.00

Wild Orchids of the Middle Atlantic States. O.W. Gupton. 1986. ISBN: 0-87049-509-7. 112 pp. Hardcover. List $18.00, Sale $11.00

Advances in Agronomy. Vol. 44. N.C. Brady. 1990. ISBN: 0-12-000744-4. 294 pp. Hardcover. *OUT OF PRINT TITLE* List $187.00, Sale $112.00

Advances in Agronomy. Vol. 45. N.C. Brady. 1991. ISBN: 0-12-000745-2. 378 pp. Hardcover. *OUT OF PRINT TITLE* List $187.00, Sale $112.00

Advances in Agronomy. Vol. 46. D.L. Sparks. 1991. ISBN: 0-12-000746-0. 309 pp. Hardcover. *OUT OF PRINT TITLE* List $187.00, Sale $112.00

Vandas and Ascocendas & Their Combinations with Other Genera. D.L. Grove. 1995. ISBN: 0-88192-316-8. 241 pp. Hardcover. List $45.00, Sale $27.00

Gladiolus in Southern Africa. P. Goldblatt. 1998. ISBN: 1-874950-32-6. 320 pp. Hardcover. List $60.00, Sale $36.00

Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-To-Kitchen Guide. D.W. Fischer. 1992. ISBN: 0-292-72080-7. 254 pp. Paperback. List $35.00, Sale $21.00

Les Orchidees D'Un Coteau Charentais. C. Fillon-Delamain. 1992. ISBN: 2-85004-069-X. 125 pp. Paperback. List $96.00, Sale $58.00

Eucalypt Domestication & Breeding. K. Eldridge. 1994. ISBN: 0-19-854866-4. 288 pp. Paperback. List $85.00, Sale $51.00

The Wild Orchids of California. R.A. Coleman. 1995. ISBN: 0-8014-3012-7. 201 pp. Hardcover. List $50.00, Sale $30.00

Secondary Products from Plant Tissue Culture. B.V. Charlwood. 1990. ISBN: 0-19-857717-6. 288 pp. Hardcover. List $98.00, Sale $59.00

Orchids of the Northeast: A Field Guide. W.K. Chapman. 1997. ISBN: 0-8156-2697-5. 200 pp. Hardcover. List $40.00, Sale $24.00

Lost Crops of Africa. Vol.1: Grains. National Research Council. 1996. ISBN: 0-309-04990-3. 383 pp. Paperback. List $25.00, Sale $15.00

Wild Orchids of the Northeastern United States: A Field Guide. P.M. Brown. 1997. ISBN: 0-8014-8341-7. 236 pp. Paperback. List $26.00, Sale $16.00

Field Guide to the Orchids of New South Wales and Victoria. T. Bishop. 1996. ISBN: 0-86840-375-X. 257 pp. Paperback. List $30.00, Sale $18.00

An Orchid Flora of Puerto Rico & The Virgin Islands. J.D. Ackermann. 1995. ISBN: 0-89327-394-5. 203 pp. Hardcover. List $65.00, Sale $39.00

Pesticide Transformation Products: Fate & Significance in the Environment. L. Somasundaram. 1991. ISBN: 0-8412-1994-X. 305 pp. Hardcover. List $40.00, Sale $24.00

A History of the Orchid. M.A. Reinikka. 1995. ISBN: 0-88192-325-7. 324 pp. Hardcover. List $30.00, Sale $18.00

The Neurospora Compendium: Chromosomal Loci. D.D. Perkins. 2001. ISBN: 0-12-550751-8. 325 pp. Hardcover. List $85.00, Sale $51.00

Electrical Manipulation of Cells. P.T. Lynch. 1996. ISBN: 0-412-03001-2. 292 pp. Hardcover. List $75.00, Sale $45.00

North American Boreal & Western Temperate Forest Vegetation: Synataxonomical synopsis of the potential natural plant communities of North America, II. S. Rivas-Martinez. 1996. 316 pp. Hardcover. List $40.00, Sale $24.00

Tropical Forest Plant Ecophysiology. S.S. Mulkey. 1996. ISBN: 0-412-03571-5. 675 pp. Hardcover. List $275.00, Sale $165.00

Vandas: Their Botany, History, & Culture. M.R. Motes. 1997. ISBN: 0-88192-376-1. 140 pp. Hardcover. List $33.00, Sale $20.00

Rock Garden Plants of North America: An Anthology from the Bulletin of the North American Rock Garden Society. J. McGary. 1996. ISBN: 0-88192-343-5. 459 pp. Hardcover. List $50.00, Sale $30.00

Trees of the Central Hardwood Forests of North America: An Identification & Cultivation Guide. D.J. Leopold. 1998. ISBN: 0-88192-406-7. 469 pp. Hardcover. List $50.00, Sale $30.00

African Orchids in the Wild & in Cultivation. I. La Croix. 1997. ISBN: 0-88192-405-9. 379 pp. Hardcover. List $40.00, Sale $24.00